Het Industriegebouw is an icon of the rebuilding of Rotterdam. Realised in post-war Rotterdam, designed by the legendary architects Hugh Maaskant in collaboration with Willem van Tijen.

Het Industriegebouw is a unique community driven business building. You can find tech start-ups to architects as well as your favourite gift shop and breakfast spot, everything you need under one roof.

Here you’ll find a lot of newly opened and interesting shops and restaurants like Groos (the best gift shop and gallery with all things from Rotterdam), Old Scuola (better pizzas than in Naples), Alfredo’s Taqueria ((Authéntica Comida Mexicana) and By Jarmusch (the all day breakfast dinner).


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  • High speed internet

  • Construction and design team

  • 24/7 access

  • Online community

  • Meeting Rooms

  • Reception

  • Lunch service

  • Shared data storage

  • Bicycle parking

  • Bike repair

  • Kiala point

  • Lectures

  • Personal trainer/gym

  • Events

  • Coffee concerts

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From a desk to an office unit to an entire office wing. From high-end retail space to restaurant facilities: Het Industriegebouw will provide you with a space that suits your company and its look and feel. The space needs to be an extension of what you want to present as an organisation. As your company develops we’ll grow with you and look forward to meeting your companies needs and wants in a modern work environment.


Het Industriegebouw is situated in ‘Het Hoogkwartier’: the place to be.

This area, between Oostplein and the Markthal is easily accessible by public transport and by car, with plenty of parking spaces. The nearby located ‘Hoogstraat’ has many places to eat, drink and shop. You even have a park as your backyard.


Het Industriegebouw, which opened in 1952, is a crown jewel of the rebuilding of Rotterdam and has been a national monument since 1991. The building is designed by the legendary architect Hugh Maaskant, in collaboration with Willem van Tijen.
This duo is well known for designing the famous Groothandelsgebouw.
The building and its original function corresponds with the wishes of today. It has come full circle.






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Het Industriegebouw

Goudsesingel 52-214
3011 KD Rotterdam





Exited? Good! So are we. Het Industriegebouw believes in working together. We make sure your wishes are heard, and as a renter, you are part of a community. Office, retail space, studio or desk? Het Industriegebouw offers favourable terms for interested parties. Flexible contracts, super fast internet access (from 40MB to 10GB!) and the option to rent all-inclusive. Furthermore, we don’t work with external intermediary people: you always have one contact person. Want to find out more? Contact us!

Prices and Possibilities

Office space (starting from 100 m2):
starting from 125 euro per m2 per year
Office units (designed by Piet Hein Eek)
225 euro per m2 per year all-in (including services/internet)

Retail space:
starting from 125 euro per m2 per year
Desks (co-working space):
225 euro per month

Prices are including service costs and VAT. Tariffs including service costs are negotiable

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